Athlone Girls High School Donations

Athlone Girls High School would like to thank Entruvest Impilo Foundation for the donation towards the feeding scheme at AGHS.

Entruvest Feeding Scheme Donation

Athlone Girls High School was once again fortunate to receive another sponsor for the girls at AGHS.


We want to thank the following foundations, Dis-Chem Clinic, Imbumba Foundation, and The House Group CYCC. Below you can see the members of the respective foundations donating sanitary pads supply for the next six months to each of our 1017 learners. Each learner received their bundle as well as sanitizer from Clement Maosa: Actor and TV Personality (known as ‘Kwaito’ on SABC soap opera “Skeem Saam”

Dis-Chem & Imbumba Foundation Donation