Athlone High School for Girls

Special Events 2011


As part of an induction programme to introduce the Grade 8 learners to the school, a sleepover is held in the school hall. A dedicated and vibrant group of Grade 12 Ambassadors together with the Grade 8 form teachers ran an action-packed, fun and exciting programme. This included a fact finding quiz about the school, and a number of team building activities like creating and eating spectacular gourmet deserts. Learners had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the school and each other in order to move with confidence into a successful high school career. They could not have asked for better role models than the Ambassadors who lived the values of AGHS faithfully and without fear.


These are the unsung "sheroes" of the school who once, twice or even three times a year give of their time and their blood to save the lives of people they do not know and will probably never meet. We salute each of them for their courage and sacrifice.


This programme has been running since 2008. from Grades 10-12 at the school.Learners do Accounting on the computer and their activities are automatically marked by the computer and a mark is awarded. At Grade 12 Pastel Accounting issues certificates to learners who have succesfully completed the course. These certificates are beneficial to learners in their search for employment. Last year 7 Grade 12 learners received their certificates.

City Wide High Schools Business Plan Competition

This year 6 Grade 10 & 11 learners are participating in the City Wide High Schools Business Plan Competition. Learners are required to design a Business Plan for an existing or new business and they retain all rights to the business idea. Mentors are assigned to the learners to assist them in developing their business plans. The shortlisted candidates from each region will participate in the competition on 20th April. This competition is sponsored by the Grey Foundation, Johannesburg City Council, SABC and SIFE.

Civic Voices Project

Civic Voices is an International Democracy Memory Bank Project that is designed to enhance teaching about democracy and civic engaement in schools. All learners who are taking History and Social Sciences as their subjects are participating in this project. Ms. Tshuma (Project co-ordianator) started with approximately 140 learners in 2010. Athlone Girls is proud to have been placed 9th out of 32 partcipating schools in Gauteng. We are elated to anoounce that 2011 is going to be our year as we have 200 learners who are active participants in the project. Furthermore, the project forms part of the Assessment Programme as these sections are covered in the History and Social Sciences syllabii. On completion of the project learners will be able to:

Define core democratic concepts and recognise how they are promoted,

Research civic life in their community and the people who have helped to shape it,

Develop and ask effective historical interview questions,

Document personal narratives and analyse their civic significance,

Appreciate the value of preserving for future generations the legacy of those who have helped to advance rights and freedom around the world.

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