Athlone High School for Girls



For two years or more the choir has been noticed more for silence than sound as all our performances were low key and in-house. This year, however, it returned with a bang as an amazing group of pretty girls registered for the Tirisano School Choir Competition. We obtained first position at cluster level and position 4 at district level. The commitment shown by these girls in honouring practices during the holidays is really worth praising. AGHS choir is always a pleasure to listen to, bringing joy with multiple complex harmonies.


Members are selected from a large number of learners after strict auditions. A team consists of 2 speakers and 3 researchers receive a topic and are allocated another country to represent by the organisers early in the year.

Several meetings and tutorials are scheduled at the University of the Witwatersrand. A tutor from the University is appointed. The final mock session of the United Nations Council takes place in June – 40 schools from the Gauteng area participate.

This year (2011) we had so many competent speakers that permission was granted for Athlone to enter TWO teams. Their participation was noted and appreciated. Two members have been involved for three years running. The other learners have experienced either one or two years. This is a prestigious event with the South African Ambassador to UN present.


This year belonged to the matrics, although a number of grade 9, 10 and 11 learners follow hard behind. Many Grade 12’s decided to participate for the first time as they grabbed opportunities offered at school. It’s never too late to give your inner diva some moments of glory on the stage, and this this group did it in style. Having missed out last year, we were determined to again make our mark at the RAPS and EADS Festivals where Athlone participated for many years.

The interhouse festival was enjoyed by all who were able to attend, and it is always a magical moment to see some of our leaners experience live theatre for the first time. Orange House maintained their admirable tradition of writing their own script, ‘The Final Rehearsal’, demonstrating that Jelian Komape can perform both in front of, and behind the curtains. Paule Brou bid us farewell as a director. Lancaster prepared an interesting and creative adaptation of ‘The Suit’ by Can Themba which in their interpretation became ‘The Shoe’. Under Chidinma Adams and Nontando Nkabinde’s direction, we discovered how many great male actors a girl’s school can produce. Khanyisile Padi even took the inter-house best actor award.Stuart took the commercial route, and introduced ‘The Kissing Consultant’, both on stage and via social networks. Katlego Marumo has her eye on a matric dress, so will be charging high rates for her consultations.

Lancaster represented us at the EADS festival against some fierce competition. One of the lessons learned from the ajudicators was that talent always needs to be combined with discipline and practice to achieve the best results. Stuart took us to the WITS Theatre to compete against almost forty schools at RAPS which they did with honour.

We are proud of the tradition of drama at the school, and look forward to the performance of our rising stars in the 2012 festivals.


According to a survey conducted by the Sunday Times and the Department of Education, Athlone Girls has been ranked as one of the Top Schools in Gauteng and the Top 400 Schools in South Africa. KPMG saw the potential in our school and invited Athlone Girls to be part of an entrepreneurial programme. This venture gave the Grade 11 learners the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills during a 12 week programme. The learners will be using a computer program designed in the United States for MBA graduates that has been tailored for the Grade 11 learners.

Learners will apply theories that they have already learnt in Accounting and Business Studies. They work in teams and compete against fellow learners to win the school’s competition. We wish the girls well in this competition and hope that they will bring honour to the school.


In -the period before the RCL was elected, the school appointed a group of ambassadors who we believe had shown leadership throughout their school careers. This group played a very significant role in welcoming our new learners and providing a healthy induction process which included a Grade 8 sleepover. This group not only showed great dedication in the hard work involved in setting up and running the programme, but also proved to be excellent mentors. We pay tribute to them for the way in which they reflected the fearless and faithful values of the school.


Much of the very important tasks in the school go unnoticed. It is an honour to pay tribute to The Lunch Team. This highly committed group sacrifices their own break to ensure that fresh sandwiches are made every day for anyone who needs them. There are days when it must be a temptation to just join their friends and “chill”, but they set aside their own desires to meet the needs of others. Martin Luther King said that ‘we cannot all be famous, but we can all be great because greatness comes through service’. We salute those who are truly great.


Most classes contribute every week and the Charity monitors and Form teachers are thanked.

This year Athlone has contributed money as well as clothing and non-perishable food to numerous organisations such as: The Salvation Army

  • Abraham Kriel Home
  • Nkosi’s Haven
  • Hospice SA
  • Avril Elizabeth Home
  • Mother Theresa’s Home in Yeoville
  • Oliver’s House – Zenzele Feeding Scheme

Our total money collection for 2011 was R4081,45 of which 2 grade 9 classes contributed R1317.70. We say well done to the Charity monitors of Grade 9T-Nqaba Mthimkulu and Nonhlanhla Nhlapo as well as Sharon Gumbi of 9S.


The library has generated great interest in learners this year. As a result of the stimulating and enriching ethos of the library, the girls have been motivated to participate in the services offered by the library. This year we had tremendous commitment and dedication from many learners who were then selected to become the Library monitors.

It is with great pride that I announce that I have the largest group since 2008. The team has been divided into 8 groups who work together with a group leader. All monitors have displayed a sense of leadership, responsibility and involvement.

They have tirelessly sacrificed their breaks to be on duty as the library is open during both breaks and after school. The monitors assist in the issuing and registration of new books, maintaining discipline and order in the library, collection of overdue books and motivating fellow learners to utilise the services offered in the library.

We recognise and honour these girls for their contribution to the smooth running of the library. Awards are based on the level of commitment and dedication. A certificate of recognition is awarded for a years service, A certificate of Merit for 2 years service and a Scroll for those who have served in the Library since 2008. Congratulations and well done to all of you, your efforts are appreciated.

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