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At Athlone Girls’ High School, our purpose is to develop the potential of our students so that they may be equipped to lead confident lives with a sense of balance and a deep respect for others.

  • recognising and developing the unique potential of each individual to its fullest
  • maintaining a balance between spiritual, academic, cultural and sporting activities in order to encourage the all-round development of our learners
  • nurturing a challenging environment conducive to critical thinking and decision making
  • valuing each student as an individual and encouraging the development of self-esteem, motivation and work ethic
  • creating a safe, warm, disciplined environment conducive to learning
  • equipping pupils to participate effectively in a common future with all South Africans


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  • To create a school where each child can meet her potential
  • A happy school where children are safe
  • The creation of confident learners ready to take their place in society, aware of their own abilities and sensitive to the needs of others.


As a student of Athlone Girls’ High School I have the right to a quality education and to learn in a friendly, encouraging, secure and enriching environment.

To help achieve this, I accept the following responsibilities:
  • to treat fellow pupils and staff with respect as I would like to be treated
  • to avoid any actions that disrupt lessons or in any way infringe the right of teachers to teach, or the right of fellow students to learn
  • to behave in an orderly and exemplary way inside the school and when representing the school
  • to be considerate & constructive in my actions toward all students and staff
  • to show respect and tolerance toward people of different creed, culture, race, colour, religion or language.
  • to contribute and voice my opinion honestly and openly, but in a respectful manner
  • to consider the concerns of others, recognising their value and dignity, and politely welcoming visitors
  • to reject aggressive behaviour
  • to refrain from bringing harmful substances or offensive materials to school
  • to be neat at all times, wearing the school uniform with care and pride both inside and outside the school
  • to respect the property of the school & that of staff & fellow students.
  • never to steal, wilfully damage or hide the property of others
  • to practise good sportsmanship by encouraging team spirit and by being respectful and fair toward opponents
  • to take full responsibility for my actions


Shortly after the outbreak of World War 1, a shortage of teachers was experienced in the country, which prompted authorities to establish a high school exclusively for students who would commit to continuing with teacher training. Although theoretically co-educational, the first 6 students in 1915 were all girls. Their numbers swelled to almost 30 by the end of the year, and in 1916 7 boys were admitted. Only 4 stayed the course to the end of the year.

The school was known as the Junior Student Centre and located in Doornfontein. The student body comprised a cross section of society, priding itself from the onset on its inclusivity and care.

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